Am the president

The president is here!!! Be the president and take the decisions for your country. And become the most popular president of that country ever have.

This game is so interesting. You have to play as the president of the USA. As the president, you will have to deal with a lot of agreement, planning, process, etc. People will come to you and will talk about different types of planning, plotting, deals, and either you have to approve them or not. Some are kind of critical that you will need to calculate a little or need to research whether the deals are correct or someone is lying to you on the back. Each of your decision is so precious and plays so important role. People out there will judge you based on your decision. So, you will have to be very careful and keep your eye open before approving any deals or decision!


  1. Gameplay Scenario: We have 3 interesting game scenarios/scenes for you. You can play all of them. In all scenes, you will be given 2 options as decisions to choose from.
  2. Executive Order: People will keep coming to you with many deals/agreements, you will need to approve them or not approve of them. It’s your will!
  3. Conference /Media briefing: So, in this scenario, you will stand before many people, journals and they will ask you many different questions and you will need to answer their questions properly.
  4. Social Media: Here you will be going to post various statuses based on some specific subject. People will give reactions and comments based on your given status
  5. Popularity: There is a popularity bar. It will show you how popular you are with your citizen. So, be careful when you are choosing the decisions.
  6. Upgrade: Upgrade the surrounding of your presidential house. You can buy a swimming pool, mini-golf course, garden, treehouse, limousine, etc.
  7. Earning: Earn cash with your correct decision. Your cash will help you in upgrading the surrounding of your house.  

The most exciting game is waiting for you. Be the best leader in the history of the country and rock the whole country. We believe you will love this game. We always welcome your opinions. Your opinions will make us more passionate.


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