ASMR Tamagotchi

Meet your Tamagotchi, your new virtual pet! She is a very adorable, playful loving dog waiting for your love and cares.
She needs you to adopt her and look after her. Feed her, play with her, tickle her. Will you keep this little puppy healthy and happy?

— HOW TO PLAY “Tamagotchi” —

Playing with your Tamagotchi is very simple and easy. Just like taking care of your real pet. At the beginning of gameplay, you will be given a huge and beautiful egg. Then you will have to help the Tamagotchi to creak the egg and make her come out of the eggshell. Once, she is out of the egg, you will be her whole world. So, make sure you are ready to give her the utmost love and cares she deserve. Make her happy as she will always make a smile on your face

Tap the Tamagotchi to trigger various animations. If you tap on her small tiny tail, she will keep starting playing with her tail. If you tap on her ears, she will sit in the shape of a ball. Again, if you touch on her head, she will do stretching. If you rub or touch her belly, she will lay down and keep laughing. And there are more cute playful animations.

Feed you Tamagotchi when she is hungry. There is a list of delicious foods you can choose for your pet. There is apple, chips, candy, noodles and many more. Sometimes, your cute pet also wants to choose food by herself. Provide her with foods that she wants too. Make sure she is not hungry and maintain her good health. In the game, there is a button on the middle-end of the screen. This button works as an indicator, a bar by which you will get to know she your Tamagotchi need to eat foods.


A lot of new features are to come. Please stay tuned and be patient.
Try this exciting new pet game. We always try to give you different gaming tastes than the traditional games. We hope you will like it. And always support us so that we can improve ourselves. Be happy & stay with us.


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