Azon Simulator

Want to experience the step-by-step process of package delivery?
Azon Simulator is here to give the ultimate gameplay of package delivery around the city. Sort packages in the hub and get ready to deliver the packages to the customers around the city by traveling on a scooter. Collect money while delivering and start to unlock new driver skins and scooter skins from the store. Complete the levels to get the amazing rewards.

Features of Azon Simulator:

– Stack and collect the arrived packages and bring them to the conveyor belt
– Sort the packages and load them on the truck
– Stack the boxes on the scooter for delivery around the city
– Tap and hold on the screen to make the scooter drive on the road
– Drive along the road and avoid obstacles on the road from crashing
– Collect money from the customers after delivering their packages
– Complete levels to reach the goals and unlock new driver and scooter skins from the store by using the earned money

Azon simulator is here with smooth and satisfying gameplay- Download now!