Case Solved

Finally! A Real Detective Game is Here!

Show your investigation skills in complex mystery murder cases. Analyze each case examining the situation, get the clues, test fingerprints, and DNA, catch the suspects, and find out who is behind this, the real murderer.

Explore the situations and solve cases by using your ultimate detective skills. Sometimes you have to take photographs in the investigation area and get the clues to know what kind of weapons was used by the murderer and get that weapon to find out the fingerprints. In some cases, you will need to identify the spot by drawing with white chalk where the victim was killed and searching the DNA sample area to get the suspect’s DNA by using your detective scanner and need to do a lab test to find out who’s DNA it is. 

In some cases, you will need to use a lie detector to determine whether the suspects are telling lies or true.

At the end of all cases, all you have to do is to pick the real murderer. By solving the case, you will be eligible to unlock the next case.

Case Solved – Highlights:

  • Complex, mysterious criminal cases to investigate.
  • Discover things, find clues, analyze the scenario.
  • Test DNA, fingerprints, get the suspects, use a lie detector, find the real murderer.
  • Use logic, deduction to solve the cases correctly and successfully.
  • Different kinds of cases, numerous challenges show your skills.
  • Easy to play but need to use the brain to solve the cases.
  • More exclusive and exciting cases are coming soon.

People who love detective games and are also not very fan of this type of game will love this game because it is different from other detective games. It’s a combination of all detective activities and tastes. You will love it. Trust me!

Download our detective game. And have the real detective gaming taste that you are waiting for.


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