Charge the Battery!

The tiny battery is here! Help the battery to recharge itself. All you need to do is to connect the plugs of its hands to the referred power board. Pass the levels by recharging the battery.

Charge the battery is a cool hyper-casual game. The game is so fun to play. Here, you have to pass the levels helping the poor battery by charging itself. At each level, there is a positive board and a negative board.

The battery has two hands with a positive plug and a negative plug. You will need to connect the plugs to the right power boards. Once you have connected the plugs in the right way, the battery will keep recharging itself. Once the full recharging is done, you are good to go to the next level.

The designs of the levels are simple but eye-catching. The difficulty increases with the number of the level. On many levels, you may need to overcome spikes, lagers which are very vulnerable to cut off the hands of your battery. So, while playing the game, you will need to be careful because a simple mistake can ruin everything.

Charge the Battery – Features:

  • The gameplay is so unique
  • It’s a pure hyper-casual game. The rule is simple but exciting to play
  • The designs, layouts are cool and eye-catching
  • Each level is very identical to another. There is no chance to get bored
  • The character gives different types of expression. It depends on how much stretch you are making by pulling its hand
  • The game is designed in a way that people of all ages can play it and enjoy it
  • Lots of new features are coming soon

Charge the battery is a highly addictive game. The fun never gets ends. You will surely love this game. Download and play our game. We believe you will definitely love it. We always welcome your opinions. Your opinions will make us more passionate.