Crazy Dunk

Play basketball like crazy dunkers! Follow just one rule like do or die, that is block your opponent or grab the ball from them & make some goals.
Crazy dunk is a physics-based smash-hit type basketball game. The game rule is very simple and clean. Grab the ball and make a goal against the opponent as much as you can. Block the opponent from making the score against you or do some defense. Even if you make a draw, you will be the winner for sure.

How to Play Crazy Dunk?

Just keep Tapping on the screen & move left & right, that’s it!

Tips and Tricks

  • Grab the ball at first before the opponent grab the ball
  • Think before you do- don’t follow this rule here!
  • Try to be the attacker.

Game Features

  • A simple handy fun game to make the moment enjoyable
  • A quick gameplay-based game
  • Simplistic game control ever
  • Cute visuals
  • An easy game that everyone always wants

Download & play the game right now & win the Crazy Dunk title.