Creature Battles io

Grow your army and conquer the land by taking your flying creatures to the battle! Immerse yourself in the vibrant 3D world by flying over lush green plains while collecting minions to help you defeat enemy armies in active combat.
Grow your minion army in size by eating food found on the map and get the upper hand over your enemies by using the various power-ups scattered all around- such as speed boosters and cameras that widen your field of view.
You are not limited to just one type of flying unit – you can choose from a diverse line-up of characters, including dragons, witches, and djinns.


– Grow your army and rise to the top by defeating enemy armies
– Engage with the enemy in heated real-time battles with high risks and higher rewards
– Play as different characters
– Discover the unknowns in the open-world game
– Enjoy the simple and colorful 3D graphics & animations
– Soothing sounds and easy controls

So, what are you waiting for? Take to the skies with your army of flying creatures and conquer your enemies in Creature!