Devil Battl‪e

Devil battle is an action thrilling game. The game is fun and so enjoyable. One of the cool time-passing hyper-casual games at present.
In this game, there will be 5 people including you. In front of you, there will be 4 bikes which are parked. Suddenly one of you will become a giant devil. If the devil is the opponent then he will be going to chase you and others and try to kill you with a big long sword or will try to step on you. The only thing you have to do is to survive the chasing of the devil. Make sure you are kept your eye is opening while driving the bike because if you get into an accident you will die. So, protect your selves and keep your selves alive so that you can successfully pass the level by keep avoiding the giant behind you.

If you are the giant the game will be different. You will have to chase the opponents and need to kill them all. Of course, you have a sword and foot stepping power so that you can easily kill all of them all. You will have to catch them as early as possible before it was late.

  1. It’s a very epic game. You will love it.
  2. Here you will be going to have two different tastes. One is being the giant devil who will be going to chase others and another is being among the others who are chased by the giant devil.
  3. It’s both mixed of horrors and action thrilling.
  4. The levels are easy and so enjoyable. People of any age can easily play this game.
  5. Cool low poly characters and environment.

The most exciting game is waiting for you. Download our game and pass your time with amusement. We believe you will love this game. We always welcome your opinions. Your opinions will make us more passionate