Dig Deep: Idle Miner

Do you think you have the best skills to show what it takes to be a millionaire gold miner?
Get ready to build and display your gold mining skills by playing Dig Deep: Idle Miner! Start digging through underground shafts and expand your mine by selling the collected gold. Controlling the mine can get a little handful- also unlock features by leveling up like more workers, mining speed, and lots more! Dig deep through several levels of the shaft to collect gold and experience the amazing simulation game!

How to play:

– Drag the player (miner) to walk over the land
– Climb down the ladder and start digging through the shafts
– Put the collected gold on the basket and load it into the elevator
– Then sell the gold and earn money!

Game Features:

– The miner can dig through shafts and collect gold
– Then the collected gold is sold and the miner earns money
– Unlock new shafts to dig more gold
– Upgrade different features of the workers to dig out gold more efficiently
– Upgrade tools
– Upgrade bag to collect more gold at once
– Upgrade the elevator to load large amounts of gold.

Download the game and have the most amazing and relaxing gameplay ever and become the richest gold miner!