Discolor Master

Are you ready to enjoy an epic action-thriller game? Then sit tight and enjoy the game!
Be the elite class ranger having long-range weapons on your back. Be calm and be silent and face the situation like a sneaky hunter.

Discolor Master is a unique hyper casual action-based game. The game is simply a fun game for every type of person. The game provides a cool experience of being the long-range shooter having various ranged weapons, bows, and many more cool weapons with different features.

How to play:

You have to shoot at the enemies with different types of colored bullets. The stickman enemies can be any color. If the enemy’s body color is red then you have to choose a red bullet to refill your gun and shoot him to eliminate the enemy. If the enemy is green or yellow, you have to choose that particular bullet color.
Enemies can have different colors on different body parts and as a shooter, you have to shoot each body part by selecting that particular color bullet. For example: If the enemy’s hand is yellow and the rest of the body part is green, then you have to choose yellow for the hand and green for the other body part to kill that enemy and have to shoot two times.
At the levels, you may see many interactive objects. Trigger them to eliminate your enemies. Like in the middle of two mountains you may find some enemies and there are two big barrels on each side of the mountain. Shoot at the barrel so that they can roll over the enemies and make them spot dead within the moment.

Features of Discolor Master:

– An epic shooting base game.
– Simple but addictive gameplay
– Get an amazing fps experience
– Amusing & eye-soothing 3d graphics & animations
– Different types of long-range weapons to use
– Defeat a variety of level bosses.
– Cool game environments
– True feeling of becoming a long-range shooter
– Smooth and easy control
– A completely free game
– A perfect game for every age.

Be the elite shooter! Be the ranger!
Why are you waiting for! Download the game right now!