Draw Battle Simulator

Join this idle battle simulator to fight for the freedom of the blue ragdoll kingdom! In this hilarious army game, you must win stickman wars at any cost. Play Draw Battle Simulator: Legions and enjoy the crazy red vs blue combats.


In this battle simulator game, you should draw lines on the battle land to deploy your ragdoll warriors and create wobbly clone armies. Remember, you have a limited capacity to deploy your tiny soldiers, so make wise decisions based on the enemy battle legions. War strategy is much harder than you think!


Pick your epic ragdoll fighter’s type: archer heroes, mighty sorcerers, shield-bearer, mad Vikings, pig riders, and other crazy soldiers. Can you unlock all the warriors to build the strongest army in the stickman world?


Install the epic battle simulator and fight enemy armies in 3D battle arenas. Green forests, haunted cemeteries, dry deserts, & other well-designed battlegrounds are waiting for the epic ragdoll battles to begin. More locations are coming soon!

Feel like a commander of the crazy wobbly stickman army! Download Draw Battle Simulator: Legions and win the epic red vs blue battles.