Dwarfs Dig Deep

Looking for idle games or digging games to be the top mining magnate ever? Play Dwarfs Dig Deep. As a mining tycoon, dig deep to explore the hidden world of Deep Town and find treasures connected to the story on your own. Dig deeper & develop mining stations to produce more resources!

We provide you with one of the top idle miner games, so you get the chance to explore the hidden secrets and resources for your production. You can explore gold-and-artifact-filled underground cities in this game – Dwarfs Dig Deep. Simply dive deep with well-thought-out plans to collect them, launch a massive production, and create revenue. Manage infrastructure and idle resources to generate enough revenue to upgrade production. To oversee and regulate your mine’s production, create an industrial revolution.
You will have to dig deep through the layers of soil in the pit to collect resources, weapons, and armor parts. The main challenge will come when you have to face the Boss Monster and fight them to unlock a new hole to dig deep and move on to the next stage. After fighting the Monster, you will also be rewarded with coins with which they can unlock lands for building fortresses.

How to play

  • First, the player has to start digging into layers of soil through a pit.
  • Just dig up layers of soil and collect resources.
  • The pit will be almost infinitely deep.
  • The player can also purchase workers using earned coins to dig faster.
  • So the player can upgrade the ladder to the elevator from the station.
  • The player has to collect magic orbs and sell them to the store, earning coins.
  • The player can also upgrade the station using earned coins.
  • The player has to face boss monsters.
  • The Player will get weapons and armor to fight the monsters.
  • If the monster is defeated, a new pit will be unlocked to dig in.
  • As a bonus, you’ll get an underground hidden city from where you can collect diamonds and gold.

Game Features

  • Amazing Animation and Design.
  • Simple yet Addictive
  • Addictive gameplay and 3D graphs.
  • Enjoy earning rewards: diamonds and gold.
  • Support your workers by upgrading their speed, capacity & many more to earn extra coins.
  • Upgrade yourself by using your earning coin.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics.

Dig deep & spend your earnings on upgrades, be the top mining magnate ever. Hurry!
Download for free and play Dwarfs Dig Deep Game now!