Flips and Bottles

The most exciting game is here!
Now you can stop counting on time because your favorite bottle jump game is at your service of entertainment.

You have a bottle that you need to flip from time to time to cover a certain distance of a room and cross the finish line before your opponent. And how do you tap to flip the bottle? It’s so easy lemon squeezy! Just tap on the screen and there you go. You can also do a double flip by tapping twice. Cool!
Explore different rooms and jump on all kinds of objects like shelves, tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, almery, LED TVs, stoves, and many more. You have various types of rooms to explore including the living room, kitchen, dining rooms, etc., and it’s quite interesting how the room objects interact when the bottle flips on them.

Train or prove your agility, develop your coordination, strength control and jump distance and the most important thing which is the correct distance calculation. Because a wrong jump can break your bottle in no time and a successful jump can push you to the finish line easily.
Don’t forget that you are not in the competition alone. You have to compete with different players and need to cross the finish line before they cross it.
Another cool thing that separates this game from other bottle jump or flip games is the camera angle option that let you switch to any camera view from 2D to 3D or the opposite which you feel better.

Game Features:

  • Multiplayer: Compete with other players, defeat them and win the levels. These 3 things need to be on your mind on your flip mission!
  • Explorable Rooms: You will find several different rooms. The rooms are full of different types of objects.
  • Interactive object: Some objects are interactive and some are static with the actual sound effects. The interactive object becomes functional when you flip the bottle on them.
  • Jump/flip functionality: You can make a single jump as well as the double jump or the double flip what you say. For a single jump, tap one time, for a double jump, tap twice.
  • Camera View: You can switch between camera views that you feel comfortable with. There are two types of camera views. One is the 2D view and the other is the 3D view.
  • Ultimate Agile Development: Develop your agility coordination with fun. Train yourself of being patient, a decision-maker at right time, and a live planner in the most fun way.

This is the most insane bottle jump game right now. Because this is the game where you can prove yourself by both completing with other players and testing your abilities with real fun.
Download the game asap and enjoy it right away!