Hyper Chat

One of the coolest games you may find today. Hyper Chat is a combination of many mini-games. In this game, the major rule is you have to chat with many different people. And side by side you will keep playing many different small games. You will find a lot of interesting mini-games here that are keep coming in a sequence of different levels. So, you will find different types of tastes in one game. Undouble this game will never bored you and you will keep playing it again & again. 

The game will be started with a boy (you) who will keep operating his phone in a room sitting on a sofa. On your phone, you will be going to chat with different types of people and playing a bucket of cool games. So, you will chat with many different people side by side you will be playing many different games. All these tasks are considered as levels. In the levels, you will be chatting with the persons with purposes like avoiding hacker, pranking girlfriend, making your friend happy, etc. Your fail attempts will end up getting a slap from a random person. So, don’t let the people slap you, think first smartly before going to reply. 

This game is consisting of many interesting mini-games. Each mini-game has various levels. Each level of each mini-game will keep coming as a different level in a sequence. 

  • Chat games: This is generally the main game you will going to play. In this mini-game, you have to choose between some predefined conversations. 
  • Paw game: You are an animal doctor here. Remove insects from the paws of the pets, wash their paws, cut nails, and more. 
  • Dust remove game: Remove dust from various items. Make sure, they are neat and clean in the end. 
  • Screen peeling game: Here you have to change the broken screen of your phone, tablet, go pro, etc. 
  • Ball sorting game: You will be given some test tubes filled up with various colored small balls. You will need to sort them and thus pass the level of the game. 
  • Unboxing game: Cut the courier box and start unboxing your device. Here, you need to unbox different types of devices and their accessories like consoles, laptops, and many more. 

-And many more are coming. 

Hyper Chat is a highly addictive game. The fun never gets ends. You will surely love this game. Download and play our game. We believe you will love it. We always welcome your opinions. Your opinions will make us more passionate.