Iron Dude 3D

Can you hear me? We are under aliens’ attack. They are about to destroy us and you’re the only superhero who can fight against them and give us freedom. 

So let’s begin your journey by constructing your iron suit. Customize it as you want. Buy or achieve new parts and unlock some individual superpower. What you’re going to countenance in this game is nothing in contrast with an action movie that you’ve seen!

Don’t forget to give your finest skill when you’re fighting with the mighty alien’s boss and never give a chance to your enemy to beat you in the contest.

There are tons of enemies waiting to demolish us. You just need your suit and epic skills to deploy all the aliens’ and win the battle. 


– Blazing graphics to delight
– Exciting boss battle 
– Distinctive superpowers
– Simple but addicting gameplay
– Uncomplicated gameplay controls
– Very interactive interface

What are you waiting for! Download the Iron Suite now and craft your amazing iron suit and free the world from those unwanted aliens’.