Island Warfare 3D

Can you construct, upgrade and manage a real military camp? Are you ready to strike down your enemies and conquer the World?

Island Warfare is a free army simulator game. Go on raids, level up your units, join an epic conquest and show your enemy, who is the boss on this land!

Fight to defend your island as the army general! Your only goal is simple: collect enough resources and gold coins, build different building and barracks, build soldiers and vehicle, upgrade your hero and then – destroy enemy townhall and crush the enemy army. Good luck, young commander!

Build as many units as you can. Build your fort and get stronger. Unlock special upgrades and equipment. Attack and defeat the enemies by using your tanks, snipers and military planes.

Play this highly addicting game that will ultimately test your strategy skills. Are you ready to become a real army commander?

Come and feel that joy in this free exciting army game, take care of your warriors, hire new units, create strong union and make them invincible.

Game Features:
– Mine stones and exchange them for gold coins.
– Build your base.
– Hire different troops, tanks and planes.
– Upgrade your armor, weapons and guns.
– Join an epic huge scale battle.
– Win the fight and write your name in history of Island Warfare!

You haven`t seen this in other boring military games. This is a fresh, free, both relaxing and exciting game for boys and girls. Join the battlefield and win!