Ludo Crest

Ludo Crest is a simple classic board game for you and your friends! If you are looking for a minimalist Ludo Game then this is the perfect choice!

Ludo Crest is both a single player and multiplayer game. You can play with your friends by inviting them to Ludo Crest. If you do not have internet connection then you can play this game in offline mode.

The gameplay is very simple. It follows the traditional rules where you have to throw the dice to the board and you will earn points depends on how many points you get with dice. With points you can move forward to your crest/ finish point. There is a ladder. If you step into ladder block you will get a boost but there is also a snake that can harm you. So be careful while you are rolling your dice! You have to go to the crest location before your opponent reaches. Then you will become the King!

Ludo Crest has some unique features like powers! You have a couple of powers to attack your opponent or to get more points. The first power is single dice power. With this you will earn points and move your character. The second power is double dice. You will get double points from this. The last power is bomb. With this you can reduce opponent’s progress.

Singleplayer & Multiplayer Game
Invite and challenge your friends.
Classic beautiful graphics
Simple game rules
Unlock new dice and characters by coins.