Mage Master

You are the king of the throne. Now it’s your time to take a step by yourself!
Fight the enemies attacking your island and rescue the hostages they have captured. With kings of different abilities, you have the power to fight with enemies in different settings on the islands.

Based on the medieval period, the powers you are given will help you protect the island. Attack the enemies with supernatural powers like tentacles, mage sticks, and ravens in a battle for survival. Slice, cut, airborne, and stab the enemies to destroy them and free the hostages.

As the king of the throne, you must protect your homeland and its people. We are counting on you, as you protect our islands with our mightiest heroes like Reaper, Mage, and Scarecrow in this first-person gameplay.

| Game Features |

  • Intensive first-person action game
  • Mightiest heroes with unique abilities.
  • Portals to the next levels.
  • Fight enemies with your abilities and save hostages.
  • Funny medieval characters to fight with
  • Amazing 3D gameplay
  • Highly action-intensive casual gameplay.

There is no time to wait! Your people are taken, hostage! We need you to save them!