Narcos Simulator

Being good sometimes becomes boring. Wanna be a bad guy??? Wanna build a drug empire & be the mafia king of your world? Then this game is only for you where you can create your drug empire by collecting drugs & selling drugs through drug dealers. Narcos Simulator brings to you a world of crime. This journey will be thrilling beyond your expectation. Accept the proposal of the mafia boss & become a legendary godfather. You can get the realistic vibe only on Narcos Simulator.

How to Play:

– Make hands with your mafia boss.
– Complete the task that the mafia boss asks for.
– Collect weeds & deposit them in the store.
– Build your prominence with suppliers & lead the narcos game.
– Complete your mission successfully.
– Be Careful about the cops, they are here to catch drug dealers.


– Amazing 3D graphics
– Ultimate car racing fighting
– So many different types of environment
– Cool battles between the drug dealers & mafias
– Missions to prove your patience and stress control
– Defensive frontlines to protect yourself
– Attractive eye-catching props & surroundings.
– Intuitive game interface
– Easy control & movement

But more importantly, Narcos Simulator is FREE to download! So, what are you waiting for? A thrilling, exciting journey is waiting for you, just dive in & build your empire.! Download now!