Police Chase

The chase is on, and a police is after you!!..

Try to hit as many town residents as you can and outsmart their sneaky ways.

Police chase public is an interesting, fun-filled, and highly addictive arcade game that involves a strong-willed police officer equipped with a truncheon, who is relentlessly determined to chase stubborn residents.

The main aim of this game is to “hit/beat” as many residents as possible, and collect gold coins as you weave through tricky encounters. You will need to collect the required number of points to score enough points and move to the next level.

The gameplay is simple, with an easy set of controls and a user-friendly interface. You (as the police) will score high when you hit the residents and collect coins swiftly.

Levels and objectives:

Every resident hit earns you 10 points. The amount of points collected varies throughout different levels of the gameplay. The first few levels are simple, with minor challenges. However, as you progress to the higher levels, the game becomes even more challenging but exciting. You will maneuver dark streets where the residents are more stubborn, and beating them becomes even more challenging.

The Objective: You should not get hit by objects thrown by the residents or risk losing the gameplay.

How to play:

1. Move and drag your finger on your phone’s screen to control & direct the police.

2. Hit/beat as many residents as you can without getting bumped to earn extra points.

3. Each resident hit earns you 10 points and a chance to move to the next level.

4. Collect all the available coins to increase your score.

Police chase game features:

  • Many levels and challenges to maneuver
  • Exciting levels
  • Compatible with various android versions
  • 32 MBs of highly-rated gameplay