Prince of Assassin

“Prince of Assassins” is an immersive and action-packed stealth game that plunges players into the shadowy world of covert operations and deadly intrigue. It’s a captivating stealth-action game that thrusts players into a medieval-fantasy realm teeming with secrets. , you assume the role of a skilled and enigmatic prince with a dual life as a master assassin. Unravel the kingdom’s secrets, eliminate high-profile targets, and navigate a treacherous landscape where every step could be your last. As a prince harboring a clandestine life as a master assassin, your every move will shape the kingdom’s destiny. Unravel conspiracies, eliminate high-profile targets, and become the true puppet master in a realm where shadows whisper and blades dance.

How to Play<<<

  • Master the Shadows: Blend in, use cover wisely, and adapt to surroundings to remain undetected.
  • Mission Objectives: Receive detailed briefings, choose your approach carefully, and impact the kingdom’s fate.
  • Upgrade and Customize: Earn rewards, invest in skills, and upgrade your hideout for enhanced capabilities.
  • Sometimes you must face the largest monster so be careful with your moves and techniques.
  • Shape the Kingdom: Make impactful choices, navigate political intrigue, and decide the kingdom’s destiny.

Game Features <<<

  • Stealth Immersion: Employ diverse stealth techniques for silent takedowns and cunning distractions to outsmart enemies in a dangerous world.
  • Expansive Environments: Explore rich landscapes with hidden pathways, secret chambers, and nonlinear gameplay, allowing players to shape their own path.
  • Arsenal of Assassination: Wield a deadly weapon, from daggers to mystical poisons. Customize your loadout for silent infiltration or calculated aggression.
  • Epic Storyline: Uncover political machinations, royal betrayals, and ancient conspiracies. Every decision as the Prince of Assassins carries weight.
  • Strategic Choices: Navigate moral dilemmas and strategic decisions that impact both your character and the unfolding story.
  • Royal Legacy: Manage your secret assassin’s den, upgrading facilities and recruiting operatives to expand your influence.

“Prince of Assassin” invites you to step into the dual role of a royal heir and a master of shadows, where every decision carries consequences and every step could be your last. Will you emerge as the savior or the puppet master of the kingdom? The shadows await your command.