Punch Boss

Beat, Slap or Punch your Boss. Funny Multiplayer Boss Boxing game in the store!

Punch Boss is both multiplayer and singleplayer fun game where you can SLAP, BEAT, WHACK, HIT, KICK and PUNCH your Boss! A simple boxing game but challenging and fun!

If you ever wanted to beat your boss then this is the high time! But be careful! Do not punch your colleague!

You have to compete with other players across the world or you can play offline with AI. The rule is simple. You have to beat the boss before your opponent beats him. You will get one score after each successful punch! But be careful! Do not hit your colleague! Otherwise there is a penalty! After the time up the most scored player will be called as a winner!

Singleplayer & Multiplayer Game
Tap to play
Beautiful retro graphics!
Unlock new weapons by coins.