Rainbow Fashion

The most realistic hydro dipping experience is here. Be the Hydro dipping master and create exclusive and exceptional designs for your customer. 

This game will introduce you to a very unique experience of hydro dipping. One of the best hydro dipping simulator games you may find. This game is clean and easy. Just take the objects from your customers, follow the reference designs from your customers and create the designs, and earn money with respect from them. Simple as that! 

There will be different types of the customer having different types of the item where some of these are sneakers, boots, clothes, pants, controllers, balls, pistols, toys, etc., and many more exciting and exclusive items waiting for you. Apply colors on them and also use cool stickers and bring the result that your customer wants from you. 


  1. Exclusive items: You will never be bored with your customers. Because they will keep bringing newer to newer products for you. 
  1. Stickers and multicolor: Apply multiple colors using sprays and use various stickers on the water before dipping the items and bring the perfect output. 
  1. Customer reaction: There is a reaction where is action. Keep your focus when you are dipping items in water and bring the final output. Just don’t disappoint your customers. Your customers will give you a rating based on your creativity, skills, and colors combination from the given reference as well as your performance. 
  1. Earning: With every successful hydro dipping task, you will earn cash. With the cash, you can unlock new items. 
  1. Gallery: This is the place where you will find your happiness. Whenever you have completed dipping an, it will be saved. And you will find it in your gallery. You can go there any time and have a look at your creations. 

Be the best hydro dipping master. You will surely love this game. Download and Play our game. We believe you will definitely love it. We always welcome your opinions. Your opinions will make us more passionate.