Sea Battle

Grab your cutlass and down your grog. In this fast-paced pirate simulator that will float your boat, it’s all hands-on deck. You have to face so many ships & giant monsters. If you want to win the battle you have to defeat them. Don’t be scared, you’ll get your troops, updated weapons, and ships to fight against the enemies vigorously. Get ready for the fun of the pirates.

How to play:

– Start your journey & fight the battle
– After destroying the ships collect the barrels
– There’ll be several monsters on the path but you’ve to fight them back
– Get the coins by reaching the finishing line.
– Purchase the weapons, and troops to make a larger and strong team
– Upgrade your ships & show the world who the real pirates are!

Game features:

– Attack and raid the islands of pirates.
– Become a sea master and climb the leaderboard!
– Simple and addictive gameplay, casual game for master of coin.
– Enjoy the visually striking graphics, realistic physics, dynamic day and night cycle, and weather system.
– Travel the fully open world allowing exploration of charted and uncharted waters full of enemies, treasure islands, smuggler outposts, towns, and more, without a loading screen.
– Exploration Treasure Hunting.
– Pirates & water monsters are everywhere.

But more importantly, Sea Battle: Master of Pirates is FREE to download! So, what are you waiting for? Pirates are waiting for you to win the battle and make yourself the leader of the pirates. Are you ready for the challenge? Download now!