Skydive is an interesting, fun-filled, and highly addictive arcade game that involves jumping from a plane and flying through the clouds while avoiding crashing into fellow skydivers. Earn points by following a certain dive path and land on a specific target point.

The main goal while playing Skydive is to be as precise as you can. Do not make any sudden moves or fly away from your guided flying path. Otherwise you will either crash on your fellow skydiver or get zapped by lightning from the clouds.

Levels and objectives:
Every resident hit earns you 10 points. The amount of points collected varies throughout different levels of the gameplay. The first few levels are simple, with minor challenges. However, as you progress to the higher levels, the game becomes even more challenging but exciting.

How to play:
1. Move and drag your finger on your phone’s screen to control & direct the skydiver.
2. Follow a guided flying path to earn coins.
3. Each coin gives you 10 points and a chance to move to the next level.
4. When you see a group of skydivers, keep tapping on the screen to join the group to earn extra points.
5. When you come close to the ground move left or right to adjust your position so that you can hit the landing target

Skydive game features:
• Many levels and challenges to maneuver
• Exciting levels
• Compatible with various android versions