Streamer Simulator

Are you ready to experience what it’s like to be a streamer? Become the biggest Youtuber by creating content and streaming your gameplay for your fans and viewers. You can start small and gradually grow your audience by creating and releasing content. Unlock new games on your PC as your subscriber increases. Also make sure to balance all the essentials of the influencer by monitoring their hunger, energy, and mood bar.

Game Features:

– Start recording your content and you can play a minigame of bursting bubbles while recording
– Earn subscribers and unlock new games to record for fans
– Also earn money by uploading new videos
– Use the earned money to buy new furniture and elevate your apartment
– You can also upgrade your PC
– Repair PC when broken
– Delete negative comments from viewers
– Play the arcade game to lift up your mood
– Get food from the refrigerator
– And sleep to rest your body.

Download the game right now and get on the journey to experience the Streamer’s life!