Treasure Hunter

Be ready to start your journey in the most mysterious place in the world. The deep blue sea. Which is covered with many undiscovered and uncollected treasures. So. drive yourself your submarine to begin your exploration under the deep blue sea where you will meet a lot of sea creatures and many more.

Being a submariner, you will explore the amazing undiscovered buried treasures under the sea. You will drive your submarine or navigate your submarine inside caves to discover those treasures. The journey inside the cave is so much exciting. You will have to pass the cave without not cursing your submarine. Make sure you are safely controlling your submarine. While traveling to caves, you will discover a lot of sea things which you may never see before.

After completing the exciting journey in the caves, you will get those old buried treasures which were once lost many hundred years ago while ships were drowned that time of many known and unknown story.

Once you get your treasure you will have to clean up the treasure box. You will need to remove the stones surrounded the treasure box using your submarine’s mechanical hand. After the cleanup, all you have to do is to find a land in the sea using your submarine’s periscope. Then you will have to reach the land with your collected treasure box.

When you will reach the land, you will have to open the treasure box after passing a small puzzle. And obviously, you are not ending your journey here. Because you are the brave one who likes to keep traveling under the deep sea and very curious to discover the old unseen treasures of the living world.


1. Discover the sea creatures and many other sea things. Take a closer look at them to find out more.

2. raveling in fantasy deep sea and introducing yourself with this exciting journey you never did before.

3. The journey is divided into 5 stages: a. Roaming in undersea to discover secret cave, b. Finishing the challenging cave journey, c. Getting the treasures box and cleaning it, d. Finding the location close to you, e. Reaching the land with treasures and finally, d. Opening the treasure box to get the treasures.

4. Gameplay is very smooth and easy. So that people of any age can play this game.

So, why wait! Start your journey in the undiscovered deep-sea world. You will surely love it. Download our game and let us know about your journey in the mystical deep-sea world.