Sword Giant Runner

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure in “Sword Giant Runner,” an exhilarating endless runner game that takes the genre to new heights! In a world where colossal giants roam the land and ancient mysteries await discovery, you’ll play as a fearless hero armed with a legendary sword. Your mission? To race through ever-changing landscapes, conquer treacherous obstacles, and defeat monstrous foes on your quest to become the ultimate Giant Slayer!

How to Play

  • Begin by tapping “Play”.
  • Your character runs automatically. Collect the swords to make them more powerful, strong, and large while avoiding obstacles.
  • Also, collect diamonds.
  • Defeat the boss by swiping your sword.
  • Challenge massive giants. Find their weak spots and defeat them.
  • Grab power-ups and upgrade your character in the in-game store.
  • Keep running, learn, and aim for higher scores.

Game Features

  • Hone your combat skills with a variety of techniques and moves, from precise strikes to devastating combos.
  • Thrilling, non-stop action awaits, keeping your heart pounding and your reflexes sharp.
  • Confront colossal giants that loom over the landscape, requiring strategic attacks and nimble dodges.
  • Explore ever-evolving, intricately designed environments, from lush forests to treacherous mountains.
  • Engage in monumental battles against screen-filling bosses, pushing your skills to the limit for legendary rewards.
  • Enjoy amazing 3D graphics.

Experience the ultimate adventure, where every swing of your sword and leap through dynamic worlds is a step closer to becoming a true hero!
Sword Giant Runner is an action-packed, endless running adventure. Enjoy the game and become the ultimate Giant Slayer!