Trainee DevOps Engineer

We are currently looking for a Trainee DevOps Engineer with a long-term vision. The responsibilities have similarities with a typical DevOps trainee position but will require a willingness to adapt to changes with a results-focused attitude.

Please check the details below:

Experience Requirement: No professional experience required

Skill Requirement:

  1. Need to be a good googler
  2. Need to be someone who is efficient enough in terms of troubleshooting and finding solutions from internet
  3. Need to be familiar with Linux OSs and commands
  4. Having programming skills is a plus
  5. Need to know how to install various types of OS on a system or VM
  6. Need to have knowledge in BASH Scripting
  7. Need to have basic knowledge in configuring simple servers.
  8. Need to have knowledge in basic GIT commands?
  9. Having knowledge of CI/CD tools (Jenkins) is a huge plus.
  10. Having knowledge of Amazon S3, Load testing, Load balancing is a plus

Please send your CV to [email protected], mention the subject line – Applying for Trainee DevOps Engineer.