Wax Roll 3D

The new crazy waxing & hair removal services are in your town now! Give the customer 5-star super-duper waxing & hair removal services and make them happy forever that nothing going to stop them to visit the beauty salon again and again.

Be the ultimate waxing master and give the services to the customer that they always wanted from a pure-class beauty salon and which they never experience before. The game is a pack of full fun. The rules are simple and clean. Welcome your customer in no time, know their demand, and go for it. That’s it!

The game is a combination of different types of waxing levels where you have to wax on the legs, wax on hands, and back simply by operating a roller from the start point to the endpoint to remove the hairs. The roller puts the wax on the body parts on its way while rolling. Then you have to put the wax paper on it and pull it off to wipe out the hair. Sometimes you also need to shave the hair by using the shaver. This is how the levels go on. But the twist is when you find wounds. And believe me, those are really ugly wounds that you even don’t want in your real life on your leg, hands, etc. You need to be very careful like you are a top-class agent who is on a serious mission. Keep your eyes open and dodge the wounds successfully.

Once your job is done well, wait for the surprise. The client will show you some dance moves out of excitement. Yah! That means you nailed it. Congratulations! But if your service is bad, which means if you operate the roller or shaver on the wounds willingly or unwillingly, you will end up level with an unhappy customer. Also, the result to roll the wax roller on the wounds is so disgusting, so bloody! Who wants to see it? But it’s also kind of satisfying -Evil Smile. Whether you lose or win, you will surely enjoy both.

Features of Wax Roll 3D

– Unique roller waxing: The waxing method with the rolling roller is very unique and funny which makes this game very special and crazy. Put wax on the body by rolling the wax roll.

– Wax Paper: After putting the wax, use wax paper on it and rip it off to remove the hair.

– Shaving: Shaving is another part of the waxing here which comes with roller waxing side by side in this game.

– Wounds as Obstacles: The only things you hate to have but you will love to see those here and you will love to deal with them. The obstacles are the terrible wounds that you need to dodge.

– Wounds variations: Ready to face various ugly wounds. Some wounds are like, a sharp blade chopping the hand, again some are biting wounds, some wounds are like having from an animal attack, etc.

– Level difficulties and fail: The only beauty salon game in the universe right now that has some difficulties to face, and which has a level fail feature based on waxing service.

– Customer reaction: Putting off the wax or shaving on the wounds will make the client shout or crying out loudly. And at the end of the level, the customer gives some dance moves if the player successfully passes the level or a sad reaction if the service does not go well.

The game is super awesome. Download it right now!!!