Super Shopper

SUPER SHOPPER is a simple game where you have to buy items as much as possible. Your goal is to collect almost everything in the shop and become the number one customer! In this shopping mall there are almost everything to buy. There are arcade section, grocery items, food takeout corner, cloth section, jewelry section …

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Cricket Bowling

The Next Generation Mobile Bowling Cricket Gaming is here! A physics based 3D mobile cricket game that is very simple and fun to play. ◉ Swipe Down/up to bowl the ball. ◉ Hit the stamps to earn points ◉ If you fail to hit the stamps you will lose a life. There are total three …

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Ludo Crest

Ludo Crest is a simple classic board game for you and your friends! If you are looking for a minimalist Ludo Game then this is the perfect choice! Ludo Crest is both a single player and multiplayer game. You can play with your friends by inviting them to Ludo Crest. If you do not have …

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Punch Boss

Beat, Slap or Punch your Boss. Funny Multiplayer Boss Boxing game in the store! Punch Boss is both multiplayer and singleplayer fun game where you can SLAP, BEAT, WHACK, HIT, KICK and PUNCH your Boss! A simple boxing game but challenging and fun! If you ever wanted to beat your boss then this is the …

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Piano Jump

Bounce on a jumpy piano platform. Jump over piano blocks and make your way to the top of the sky. Collect boosters to help you propel upwards faster than ever. It is time for some Music Jump!

Swing Man

Spider Power Man Great With His Rope! A spider like swing man is waiting for you! You will play as a super hero spider boy who has to swing with his web throughout the city. It is really fantastic to move across the city with his spider power. Become the most courageous and fearless spider …

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Eat the world with your ufo! Destroy cars and houses and have fun. This awesome game lets you fly a UFO where ever you want! Fly through a amazing world with river, ships, mountains and everything in between. You can have tons of fun with real UFO physics. Play at any time of the day …

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Risky Road Rider

Risky rider is an amazing simple physics based racing game with lots of challenges. It is specially designed for people looking for some real entertainment and fun. Addictive arcade risky rider game! Be careful on the road while driving around. Take your driving to new heights! Be a master and unlock addicting levels and vehicles. …

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Cricket Practice

Welcome to the Next Generation in Mobile Cricket Gaming! It is a physics based 3D mobile cricket game that is very simple to play. – Swipe to hit the ball. – Do not hit the ball with the wicket target point. – Collect coins to unlock new environments, stadiums and balls. – Share your high …

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